FISET Legal offers its clients legal advice and opinions and sensible legal strategies concerning your investments, financing, construction, inspection, contract preparation, study of your notarized documents and insurance.



FISET Legal’s expertise is helpful no matter how complex the work to be done is.
Whether it be for co-owner meetings, board of directors meetings or training, FISET Legal will act as a legal mediator and as administrative manager for board of directors meetings.
FISET Legal offers you its professional services for legal deeds in condominium management.
The FISET Legal law firm is fully competent to draft a property lien.
FISET Legal keeps the declarations of co-ownership up-to-date and corrected so that they are in compliance.
FISET Legal organizes and draws up the draft resolution from the administrators of the syndicate of co-ownership.

Litigation in co-ownership

In case of litigation, the FISET Legal law firm offers you the know-how that you need by diligently drafting:

  • collection notices for unpaid expenses
  • various final notices for
    • the syndicate
    • a co-owner
    • a renter
    • between renters
    • problems between neighbours
  • notice of legal hypothec
  • prior notices
  • legal proceedings


In case of failure to comply with the declaration of co-ownership, FISET Legal will produce the necessary injunctions to ensure that your rights are respected.




In our offices or at the condominium, our firm offers services adapted to you, at a fixed rate or by the hour, such as:

  • Training for co-owners/administrators:
    • 1. “Initiation to divided co-ownership”;
    • 2. Starting up a syndicate of co-ownership;
    • 3. Management and administration of a syndicate of co-ownership;
    • 4. Board of directors: rights and obligations of the administrators and of the board of directors in a syndicate of co-ownership; ;
    • 5. The co-owners meeting: rights and obligations of the syndicate and of the co-owners;
    • 6. Renting: rights and obligations of the tenant, the renter, the co-owners and the syndicate.